Drill Times
Drills are held the first Monday of the month and the third Wednesday is meeting night. All members attend fire schools throughout the year. The department responds to 50-60 alarms a year and also responds for mutual aid to other communities when needed.


The present Juneau Fire Department, like most organizations of its kind, had a small and primitive beginning in 1878.The first firefighters at the county seat was the “The Bucket Brigade.”  The clang of the fire bell, day or night, brought out almost every man, woman and child in the village.  Pails and buckets of all kinds and sizes were called into requisition and the old wooden pumps creaked in every backyard near the scene of the fire.  The lack of water was the greatest handicap for the “Bucket Brigade.”

A big fire in 1877 destroyed several of the county buildings, including most of the county records.

A second-hand fire engine was purchased by the village together with a good supply of hose, a hose cart, and a hook and ladder truck. Cisterns were built in several parts of the town, and they were filled from the roofs of the neighboring buildings. At this time the Fire Company was organized and divided into its various departments.

In the year 1887 Juneau was incorporated as a city and in 1900 a new revised constitution and by-laws were adopted by the Fire Department putting it on a much more definite working basis. In 1895, Juneau installed a water tank 108 feet high. This gave the city a good gravity pressure and relieved the hand engine of much of its responsibility.  Now Juneau boasts a 500,000 gallon elevated water tank located north of the city.

Present Units

  • 1926 Kissel with a 500 GPM Hale pump, manufactured by Peter Pirsch. It has been retired and is stored at the Hartford Heritage Museum.
  • 2009 Pierce Enforcer 8-man cab Rescue Pumper, 1500 GPM Hale pump, 750 gallon water tank, 30 gallon foam tank, pre-plumbed TNT Rescue tools on front bumper, 6-bottle cascade system, generator and light tower.
  • 2000 Seagrave Quint, 1750 GPM Hale pump, 300-gallon tank, 100' straight stick ladder, 8 KW hydraulic generator.
  • 1989 KME Renegade with 1250 GPM Darley pump, 750-gallon tank, built by Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp.
  • 1982 LN-800 Ford refurbished in 1992 by J&B Fabricating with 2200-gallon polypropylene tank, three 10" Newton pumps and all aluminum body with 1000-gallon and 3000-gallon folding tanks.
  • 2005 Chevrolet 4x4 six passenger pickup with 240 gallon polypropylene tank. It is equipped with TNT Rescue Tool and also a portable foam pak with class B foam.
  • Polaris Ranger 6x6 with 60 gallon tank and portable foam pak with class A foam.
  • The Department is also equipped with a 4500-pound Bauer breathing air compressor, connected to a four-bottle stationary cascade system.