"How To" Recycle

All recycling items listed below will be collected every other week and include glass, aluminum, tin and steel cans, plastics, cardboard, paper and magazines, which shall be mixed together in contractor provided recycling cart only.

All other materials shall be placed in the non-recyclable (garbage) cart only. If you have any questions, please contact Advanced Disposal at (920) 387-0987.
Materials to be Commingled What Do I Recycle? Cleaning and Preparation What Can't be Recycled
Glass Bottles and jars; Green, Clear & Brown Remove lids and discard in trash; rinse and clean Windows, mirrors, light bulbs and tubes, pyrex and dishes, drinking glasses, chemical bottles, medical containers, laboratory glass
Aluminum Cans ONLY Flattening optional Foil and bottle caps
Tin & Steel Cans Food cans ONLY Flattening optional, rinse and clean Cardboard sides, juice cans, aerosol cans, paint cans
Plastic Milk, soda and detergent bottles, other bottles marked #1 PETE or #2 HDPE Remove and discard lids in trash, rinse and clean Styrofoam, plastic cups and film, hard plastic (toys, pails, etc), medicine bottles & syringes
Newspapers, magazines, office paper and cardboard ONLY Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, card stock, office paper, books, envelopes, paper Other examples: 
brown paper tapes, computer printouts, file folders, post it notes, phone books

Bathroom waste paper, cellophane, cloth, cork, foil, polystyrene Styrofoam, waxed paper, paper food containers, photographs, paper cups, napkins, Styrofoam packaging, carbon paper, fiberboard