Plan Commission


  1. Last Monday of every month at 6:30pm
  2. City Hall 405 Jewel Street
  3. Subject to change or cancellation


The city plan commission shall have all the power and duties prescribed in Section 62.23 of the Wisconsin State Statute.  The commission shall make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the city, and from time to time amend, extend, or add to the master plan.  The commission is also responsible for the official map of the city, zoning, permits, and historic preservation.



Phone Number

Term End

Daniel Wegener, Mayor

(920) 386-2567

 April 2022

Bruce Soldner

(920) 382-2568

 May 2022 

Dave Gratton

(920) 382-7097

 April 2022

Josh Nichols

(920) 979-8396

 May 2022 

Ken Steffen

(920) 386-2451

 May 2022 

Tom Schulte

(920) 386-2953

 May 2022 

Ross Canniff, Utility Commission Rep

(920) 386-4958

 October 2021 

*BOLD = Chairman